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Transmission rate of LAN connections is only 100 Mbit/s

The maximum transmission rate of the LAN connection between the FRITZ!Box and a computer, NAS system, or other devices is 100 Mbit/s, although the device supports LAN connections of one gigabit or more.

1 Connecting the device directly to the FRITZ!Box

This step is only necessary if the device is not directly connected to the FRITZ!Box, but through a hub/switch, powerline adapter, LAN/Wi-Fi converter, or other devices instead:

  1. Connect the device directly to a LAN port on the FRITZ!Box. If possible, use the network cable included with the FRITZ!Box.
  2. If you can establish a gigabit LAN connection to the FRITZ!Box now, then the intermediary device or its cabling does not support gigabit LAN:
      1. Make sure that the devices support gigabit LAN.
      2. Update the software / firmware of the devices.
      3. Use different network cables to connect the devices to the FRITZ!Box. Use the shortest possible high-quality network cables (CAT-5e).

2 Testing a different cable

The network cable used to connect the device to the FRITZ!Box may be too long, incorrectly wired, or defective:

  1. Use the shortest possible high-quality network cable to connect the device to the FRITZ!Box, for example use the network cable included with the FRITZ!Box.

    Note:Any standard STP-type (Shielded Twisted Pair, 1:1) CAT-5e Ethernet cable with a maximum length of 100 m can be used to connect a network device to the FRITZ!Box.

3 Installing the latest software for the device

  1. Install the latest software version for the device or the latest driver for the computer's LAN network adapter.

    Note:Since Windows Update often does not offer the latest drivers, install the drivers from the manufacturer's website, for example from the Intel Download Center.

4 Disabling energy-saving functions for the network adapter

  1. If any energy-saving functions are enabled for the computer's LAN network adapter or the device, disable them for testing purposes.

    Note:In Windows, different power saving functions can be set for many network adapters under "Properties > Power Management" in the Device Manager.