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Dokument informacyjny #3362
FRITZ!Powerline 1000E

LEDs on FRITZ!Powerline do not light up

The LEDs on the FRITZ!Powerline adapter do not light up. The FRITZ!Powerline adapter can no longer be connected and does not transmit any more data.

Simply proceed as described below. After each measure, check whether the problem is solved.

1 Restarting the FRITZ!Powerline adapter

  1. Unplug the FRITZ!Powerline adapter.
  2. Plug the FRITZ!Powerline adapter back in after about 1 minute.

    Note:Restarting the FRITZ!Powerline adapter will not delete any of the settings.

2 Loading the factory settings by button

  1. Plug the FRITZ!Powerline adapter into an electrical outlet and wait about 1 minute until the FRITZ!Powerline adapter has restarted completely.
  2. Push the corresponding button on the device:
    FRITZ!Powerline 1260(E) / 1220 Connect 15 seconds
    FRITZ!Powerline 1240E WLAN - WPS
    Powerline - Security
    15 seconds
    FRITZ!Powerline 1220E / 1000E Powerline · Security 10-15 seconds
    FRITZ!Powerline 546E / 540E WLAN · WPS und Powerline · Security 10 seconds
    FRITZ!Powerline 530E / 510E Security 12 seconds
    FRITZ!Powerline 520E / 500E Reset 2 seconds
  3. Wait about 2 minutes until the process is completed.