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FRITZ!Repeater 600
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FRITZ!Repeater displays incorrect Wi-Fi encryption

Although the Wi-Fi encryption "WPA2 (CCMP)" is configured in the FRITZ!Box, the FRITZ!Repeater displays the Wi-Fi encryption "WPA2 + WPA3" under "Overview" and "Access to Home Network" in the user interface.

Error in the display

The FRITZ!Repeater established the Wi-Fi connection to the FRITZ!Box with WPA2 and not "WPA2 + WPA3". However, due to an error in FRITZ!OS, the FRITZ!Repeater does not correctly display the Wi-Fi encryption under "Overview" and "Access to Home Network". The encryption is correctly displayed under "Wi-Fi > Security > Encryption", though.

We will correct this display error in a future FRITZ!OS update.

Note:You can have push service mails notify you when new updates are available. In addition, you can configure the FRITZ!Box so that new updates are installed automatically in the FRITZ!Mesh. You can enable these options under "System > Push Service" or "System > Update > Auto Update" in the user interface.