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FRITZ!Box 3272 Serwis

Connections drop when using devices from Denon / Marantz

The connection between the FRITZ!Box and an AV receiver or a network audio player from Denon or Marantz drops on a regular basis. The problem may occur when listening to internet radio stations or playing back video or audio files in the home network, and it occurs with wireless as well as LAN connections. In some cases, the device cannot connect to the FRITZ!Box at all.

1 Updating the firmware of your Denon / Marantz device

  1. Update the firmware of your AV receiver or network audio player. Updates are already available for the first devices such as the Denon RCD-N9 CEOL. Updates will be made available for additional devices in the near future. Refer to Denon / Marantz for possible release dates for the update.

2 Installing older FRITZ!OS

If updating the firmware of the Denon / Marantz device does not resolve the problem, you can avoid the problem by installing the older FRITZ!OS 6.5x as we have not observed the problem occurring with it: