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FRITZ!Box 4020 Serwis
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Configuring FRITZ!Box for use with an SDSL line

With an SDSL modem you can use the FRITZ!Box on an SDSL line. Since the FRITZ!Box establishes and controls its own Internet access via the modem, all FRITZ!Box functions (such as the firewall, parental controls, MyFRITZ!) are also available without restriction in this operating mode.

Note:SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is the common acronym for lines that comply with the G.SHDSL (Single-Pair Highspeed Digital Subscriber Line) standard.

1 Connecting the FRITZ!Box with the modem and computer

  1. Connect the modem to your Internet connection according to the instructions provided by your Internet service provider.
  2. Use a network cable to connect the LAN port on the modem to the "WAN" port on the FRITZ!Box.
  3. Connect a computer to the FRITZ!Box over wireless LAN or use a network cable to connect it to an available LAN port on the FRITZ!Box.

2 Configuring Internet access

  1. Open the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Enter the FRITZ!Box password printed on the sticker on the underside of the device and click "Log In".
  3. If the FRITZ!Box is set to factory settings:
    1. Select the desired user interface language and click "Next".
    2. Select your country from the drop-down list and click "Next". If your country is not included in the list, select "Other country".
  4. Click "Internet" and then "Account Information".
  5. Select "DSL or fiber optic modem" from the drop-down list "Internet connection via".
  6. Select your Internet service provider from the drop-down list "Please select Internet provider" and enter the account information you received from your Internet service provider in the corresponding fields.
    • If your Internet service provider is not displayed:
      1. Select "Other Internet service provider".
      2. If account information is required for Internet access, enter the account information you received from your Internet service provider in the "Account Information" section.
        • If account information is not required, enable the option "No".
      3. Enter the speeds of your Internet connection in the "Downstream" and "Upstream" fields.
      4. If your Internet service provider requires you to use a particular VLAN ID, click on "Change connection settings", enable the option "Use VLAN for Internet access" in the "VLAN Settings" section, and enter the VLAN ID you received from your Internet service provider in the "VLAN ID" field.
  7. Click "Apply" to save the settings.

Now the FRITZ!Box uses the account information you entered to establish the Internet connection. Configuration is concluded when the message "The Internet connection check was successful" is displayed.