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FRITZ!Box 4020 Serwis

Outgoing Internet calls take a long time to establish

When you enter a number to make a call over the Internet, it takes several seconds before the call is executed. The time it takes to execute a call is considerably longer than when making a call over the landline.


  • When you make landline calls, each digit is transmitted to your provider right after you enter it; as a result, when making landline calls, the number is dialed immediately after the last digit is entered. By comparison, when making Internet calls, the complete number must be transmitted to the provider at once (en-bloc dialing). The FRITZ!Box (or any other PBX) does not know when you have finished entering the complete number; it therefore waits several seconds after the last digit has been entered before transmitting the number to your provider.

1 Shortening the dialing procedure

The dialing procedure is automatically shortened when you dial known numbers. It can be accelerated when dialing unknown numbers:

  • When you call numbers that are saved in a FRITZ!Box telephone book, the calls are always executed immediately because the numbers are already known to the FRITZ!Box.
  • You can reduce the time it takes to dial unknown numbers by pressing the # button after entering the complete number. This terminates dialing mode and the call is executed immediately.
  • If you successfully called a number once, then the FRITZ!Box saves this number until it is restarted. Any time you call this number in the future, it is dialed immediately.