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FRITZ!Box 4040 Serwis

Setting up user accounts in the FRITZ!Box

Setting up individual user accounts allows you to grant each user his own password-protected access to the FRITZ!Box user interface and the MyFRITZ! or FRITZ!NAS services. In addition, you can also allow a user to access the FRITZ!Box services for which he is authorized from the Internet. In addition to specifying individual login data for each user account, you also assign rights to the user. This means that you define which FRITZ!Box data a given user is allowed to view and edit.

Requirements / Restrictions

  • You can set up a maximum of 18 user accounts.

Note:The configuration procedure and notes on functions given in this guide refer to the latest FRITZ!OS for your FRITZ!Box.

1 Setting up a user account in the FRITZ!Box

  1. Click "System" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "FRITZ!Box Users" in the "System" menu.
  3. Click the "Add User" button.
  4. Enable the option "User account enabled".
  5. Enter a user name, a valid e-mail address, and a password for the new user.
  6. Enable the option "Access from the Internet allowed" if you also want to allow the user to use the FRITZ!Box services for which he is authorized over the Internet.
  7. Specify which services the user is allowed to use under "Rights".
  8. Click "OK" to save the settings.