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FRITZ!Box 5490 Serwis


You want to establish VPN connections with the FRITZ!Box? ✓ Here you can find the instructions for all operating systems.

A virtual private network (VPN for short) makes bug-proof encrypted communication over the internet with your FRITZ!Box and all devices in your home network possible.

This allows you to access shares and devices in your FRITZ!Box home network from anywhere in the world and you can copy files from your NAS system at home to your smartphone or change the settings of a smart home device.

The VPN remote peers, for example your FRITZ!Box and your smartphone, establish an encrypted connection between each other. This connection functions like a bug-proof tunnel through which data is transmitted between the two peers.

You can use any smartphone, computer, or tablet to establish a VPN connection to the FRITZ!Box. Or, you can connect two FRITZ!Boxes at different locations with each other.

Connecting individual devices with the FRITZ!Box via VPN

Since the FRITZ!Box establishes VPN connections according to the standard IPsec (Internet Protocol Security), many devices can establish VPN connections to the FRITZ!Box using solutions offered by the operating system without requiring additional software. For example, this is the case with devices with Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux. If you want to set up a VPN connection with one of these devices, proceed as described in the corresponding guide:

However, the VPN connection cannot be established using the tools integrated in Windows. Instead, you can use the free FRITZ!VPN software.

Connecting two FRITZ!Box home networks via VPN

In addition to granting individual devices access, you can also use VPN to connect two different FRITZ!Box home networks at different locations so that the devices in each home network can access all of the devices in the other home network:

Connecting the FRITZ!Box with a company's VPN

Depending on which VPN solution your company uses, you may also be able to establish VPN connections to a VPN server in your company. Although you can use such a connection to access devices in the company network, it is not possible to access devices in your home network from the company network: