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FRITZ!Box 6660 Cable Serwis

Using an all-in-one device (combined printer / scanner / fax) with the FRITZ!Box

You can also connect a multifunction device (also called all-in-one devices or multifunction printers) to the FRITZ!Box and use it for printing, scanning, and faxing. If the all-in-one device is equipped with a telephone, you can also conduct calls with it.

1 Setting up the printer / scanner

If your all-in-one device has a network port or is equipped with Wi-Fi, you can simply connect it to a LAN port or the Wi-Fi network of your FRITZ!Box and use it with all of the devices in the home network.

Even if the all-in-one device only has a USB port, you can still connect it to the FRITZ!Box. However, in this case the all-in-one device can only be used with Windows computers:

  1. Either use a network cable or Wi-Fi to connect the all-in-one device to the FRITZ!Box and configure it as a network printer. If the device only has a USB port:
      1. Use a USB cable to connect the all-in-one device to the FRITZ!Box.
      2. Use the FRITZ!Box USB remote connection software to set up the all-in-one device first as a printer and then as a scanner.

2 Setting up the fax / telephone

  1. Connect the all-in-one device to the analog extension on your FRITZ!Box.
  2. Configure the all-in-one device as a fax machine in the FRITZ!Box. If the telephone has an integrated telephone, configure it as a combined telephone/fax machine.
  3. If the manufacturer of the all-in-one device supplies software or an app for faxing, install and configure it according to the manufacturer's instructions on the devices you want to fax with.