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FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE Service
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Setting up FRITZ!App Media

With FRITZ!App Media you can play music, video and image files from the FRITZ!Box Media Server on your Android device (for example a smartphone, tablet).

If you have a television, stereo system or wireless speakers with networking capabilities in the FRITZ!Box home network, you can also use FRITZ!App Media as a remote control and play media files directly on the other device. For example, with FRITZ!App Media you can play music files from the FRITZ!Box Media Server directly through a wireless speaker.

Requirements / Restrictions

  • Android 1.6 or later is installed on the smartphone or tablet.

    Note:FRITZ!App Media is not available for Apple iOS. If you are using iOS, use a different app that can play files from UPnP AV servers (for example GoodPlayer, media:connect or PlugPlayer) instead.

1 Preparations

Setting up a wireless connection to the FRITZ!Box

Setting up the FRITZ!Box as a Media Server

2 Installing FRITZ!App Media

  • Download FRITZ!App Media from the Google Play Store and install the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Now you can use FRITZ!App Media to access your media collection over wireless LAN and play media files from the FRITZ!Box Media Server on your smartphone or tablet.

3 Playing files from the Media Server on an external playback device

The following step is only necessary if you wish to play the media files on a device other than an Android device; in this case FRITZ!App Media only serves as a remote control.

Note:You can only use FRITZ!App Media to play media files on another device if that device supports the UPnP-AV standard.

  1. Start FRITZ!App Media.
  2. Select the AVM FRITZ!Mediaserver.
  3. Tap the media file you wish to play.
  4. Press the menu key on the Android device and select the device you wish to play the media files on as the output device.

Now the media files you play using FRITZ!App Media are played on the external playback device.