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FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE Serwis

Determining the password for the FRITZ!Box user interface

The user interface of your FRITZ!Box is protected with a unique password the factory settings. You can find the FRITZ!Box password on the bottom of the FRITZ!Box.

FRITZ!Box password is on the bottom of the device

With the FRITZ!Box password, you can call up the user interface on all of the devices that are connected to the FRITZ!Box. To connect a device via wireless LAN, you need the network key, which is also on the bottom of the device. You can then change settings in the user interface and change the network key or default password.

If you changed the FRITZ!Box password and then forgot it, there is no way to find out what it is. Therefore, it is best to configure the "forgot password" push service right away, so you can simply have the password sent to you by email. If you forget the password and did not configure the push service, you cannot open the user interface again until you have restored the factory settings.