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FRITZ!Box 7490 Serwis
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Switching to a different FRITZ!Box model

Note the following when replacing the FRITZ!Box you are currently using with your DSL line with a different FRITZ!Box model.

1 Switching to a different FRITZ!Box model

  • Connect the FRITZ!Box to your DSL line as described in its manual. Use the power supply unit, cables and adapters that came with your FRITZ!Box to connect it.
  • You can apply settings from a backup file made with your old FRITZ!Box.
  • You can only use an existing wireless connection to the old FRITZ!Box for the new FRITZ!Box if you can apply the settings. If not, reconfigure the wireless connection to the FRITZ!Box with your computer as described in the manual.
  • Any telephone books you created with the FRITZ!Box can be saved and transferred to the new FRITZ!Box.

    Note:Some FRITZ!Box models do not offer you the option of saving and restoring telephone books.