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FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 Serwis

AVM device damaged by power surge

The German Federal Office for Information Security's homepage advises that not only your your electrical wiring can be a source of damage caused by power surges. Your connection to the telephone network and Internet (for example over the DSL connection) can also be a source of damage to connected devices. You can avoid damage if you always disconnect your devices from the Internet, telephone network, and the power supply whenever there is a thunderstorm. Do not reconnect them until the thunderstorm is over.

Apart from that, only a multi-level protection system according to the corresponding standard on lightning protection can offer reliable protection. Since these measures have to be adapted to the actual conditions at your location (energy coordination concept), we cannot give you any specific recommendations on implementing them. You can find detailed information on this topic if you search for "surge protection" on the Internet, for example on Wikipedia.