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FRITZ!Fon M2 Serwis

AVM devices and suitable power supply units

If you use an unsuitable power adapter to plug your AVM device in, you may experience malfunctions. Therefore, only use the power adapter(s) from AVM listed below for your device. The designation of the power adapter is printed on it. The exact name of your AVM device can usually be found on the underside of the device.

AVM deviceSuitable power supply units
FRITZ!Fon C3 311P0W075, 311P0W086, 311P0W087
FRITZ!Fon C4 311P0W085
FRITZ!Fon C5 311P0W055
FRITZ!Fon M2 311P0W085, 311P0W082
FRITZ!Fon M2 International Edition 311P0W085, 311P0W082
FRITZ!Fon MT-F 311P0W055, 311P0W082, 311P0W083
FRITZ!Fon MT-F International Edition 311P0W055, 311P0W082
Table: Suitable power supply units