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FRITZ!Powerline 1220E Serwis
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Powerline connection is not established

Although the FRITZ!Powerline adapter is plugged into the power supply, the powerline connection is not established and the "Powerline" LEDs do not remain lit.

Work through the following steps to resolve the problem.

1 Loading the factory settings of the FRITZ!Powerline adapter

Incorrect settings in the FRITZ!Powerline adapter can prevent the powerline connection from being established. Therefore, load the factory settings of all of the FRITZ!Powerline adapters that cannot establish a connection to the powerline network. If you are using a FRITZ!Powerline adapter with Wi-Fi support, wait about 1 minute after plugging it in until the "WLAN" LED remains lit.

  1. Plug the FRITZ!Powerline adapter into a power outlet and wait until the "Power" LED or "WLAN" LED remains lit.
  2. Push the corresponding button on the device:
    FRITZ!Powerline 1260EConnect15 seconds
    FRITZ!Powerline 1240EWLAN - WPS
    Powerline - Security
    15 seconds
    FRITZ!Powerline 1220E / 1000EPowerline · Security10-15 seconds
    FRITZ!Powerline 546E / 540EWLAN · WPS und Powerline · Security10 seconds
    FRITZ!Powerline 530E / 510ESecurity12 seconds
    FRITZ!Powerline 520E / 500EReset2 seconds
  3. During this process, all of the LEDs flash once. The "Power" LED or "WLAN" LED remains lit as soon as the factory settings have finished loading.

2 Connecting FRITZ!Powerline adapters with each other

  1. Plug the FRITZ!Powerline adapter that you want to add to the powerline network into a power outlet near a FRITZ!Powerline adapter that is already part of the powerline network.
  2. Wait until the FRITZ!Powerline adapter is ready for operation and the "Power" LED or "WLAN" LED remains lit.
  3. Briefly push the connection button on both of the FRITZ!Powerline adapters. You can push the button on whichever FRITZ!Powerline adapter you want first. The "Powerline" LED flashes when you release it. Depending on the FRITZ!Powerline model, several other LEDs flash at the same time.
    FRITZ!Powerline modelConnect button
    FRITZ!Powerline 1260EConnect
    FRITZ!Powerline 1240EWLAN - WPS
    Powerline - Security
    FRITZ!Powerline 1220E / 1000E / 546E / 540EPowerline · Security
    FRITZ!Powerline 530E / 520E / 510E / 500ESecurity
  4. The process is completed and the FRITZ!Powerline adapters are connected with each other as soon as the "Powerline" LED remains lit.

3 Reducing interference in the home's power supply

Interference in the home's power supply can severely impair communication between powerline adapters. Try to minimize the interference or eliminate it completely:

  1. Plug the FRITZ!Powerline adapter directly into a wall outlet; do not use it with a power strip, an extension cord, or behind a surge protector.
  2. Make sure that cables carrying a VDSL signal are laid at least 10 cm away from electrical wiring and outlets.
  3. Avoid powerline connections on different phases, fuse boxes, and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI).
  4. For testing purposes, switch off other devices or briefly unplug them them in order to identify possible sources of interference and then minimize them.

    Examples of possible sources of interference are switch mode power supplies, dimmers, halogen systems and energy-saving lamps, as well as electric motors when they are running (for example in refrigerators, food processors, dryers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, or drills).

  5. Test different wall outlets and reduce the distance between the FRITZ!Powerline adapters.