FRITZ!Repeater 1750E Serwis - Baza wiedzy

FRITZ!Repeater 1750E Serwis

Changed wireless settings cannot be saved

Changes to the wireless settings of the FRITZ!Repeater cannot be saved. This means that a new wireless key cannot be adopted or the MAC address filter cannot be disabled, for example. When you click "Apply", the previous settings are displayed again.


  • Due to the web browser settings, the pop-up window displaying the changed wireless settings so you can print them is prevented from opening automatically. The repeater does not save the new settings for security reasons.

Adjusting the web browser settings

Configure an exception for the FRITZ!Repeater in your web browser's pop-up blocker:

  • Google Chrome
    1. Click the (Customize and control Google Chrome) button on the top right of Chrome.
    2. Click "Settings" and then "Extensions".
    3. Click "Options" for the pop-up blocker you are using.
    4. Enter fritz.repeater as an exception and close the "Extensions" window.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    1. Click the (Open menu) button on the top right of Firefox.
    2. Click "Options”.
    3. Click "Privacy & Security" in the menu on the top left of the screen.
    4. In the "Permissions" section, click the "Exceptions" button next to the option "Block pop-up windows".
    5. Enter fritz.repeater under "Address of website".
    6. Click "Allow" and then "Save changes".
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    1. Click the (Tools) button on the top right of the Internet Explorer.
    2. Click "Pop-up Blocker" and then "Pop-up Blocker Settings".
    3. Enter fritz.repeater under "Address of website to allow".
    4. Click "Add" and then "Close".