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FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 310 Serwis
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Finding the ideal location for the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater

The quality of the connection between the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater and your router (for example a FRITZ!Box) is a key factor when extending the wireless range of your home network. Just as important is the quality of the connection between the repeater and the smartphones, tablets, or other wireless devices connected to it. This means that when selecting a location for the repeater, you must find a location where it is capable of establishing a fast and stable connection to the router, and at the same time its own wireless network (WiFi) must be readily accessible for wireless devices. You can use the following points as a guide:

Note:If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can use FRITZ!App WLAN to find the ideal position for the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater.

  1. The signal strength LEDs on the repeater indicate the quality of the wireless connection to the router. Select a location for the repeater where at least three of the five LEDs light up.
  2. Position the repeater so that it is as unobstructed as possible, i.e. not directly in back of or under an obstacle such as pieces of furniture or a heater.
  3. Do not position the repeater directly in the corner of a room.
  4. Position the repeater so that there are as few obstacles as possible between it, the wireless router, and other wireless devices. Especially metallic objects or objects containing water, for example radiators, refrigerators, or houseplants, significantly reduce the quality of the wireless signal.
  5. Position the repeater away from other transmitters, for example microwaves, wireless speakers, or Bluetooth devices.