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Parties cannot hear each other

When conducting calls, one of the following issues either occasionally occurs or always occurs. It either occurs right at the beginning of the conversation or sometime during the conversation, for example after five minutes:

  • You do not hear the other party.
  • The other party does not hear you.
  • The parties cannot hear each other.

This may give the impression that the telephone connection has been terminated. However, the connection is still active. You can see that it is because the telephony LED on the FRITZ!Box remains lit. The LED does not switch off until you end the call by hanging up.

Simply proceed as described below. After each measure, check whether the problem is solved.

1 Restarting the FRITZ!Box

  1. Click "System" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "Backup" in the "System" menu.
  3. Click on the "Restart" tab.
  4. Click the "Restart" button.

2 Configuring security software

  1. Briefly disable the security software on your telephone, for example web protection from Symantec - Norton mobile Security.
  2. Check whether you can now make calls with FRITZ!App Fon without any problems.
  3. If you can make calls now, then the security software was interfering with the voice connection. Re-enable the software and configure it so that it allows voice connections. Refer to the manufacturer for information on how to set it up, for example consult the manual.

3 Activating the microphone

The following steps are only necessary if the problem occurs with FRITZ!App Fon on an iOS device:

  1. Open the iOS settings.
  2. Tap "Privacy" and then "Microphone".
  3. Activate the microphone for FRITZ!App Fon.