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Sharing FRITZ!Box's Wi-Fi guest access via QR code

FRITZ!App WLAN provides a QR code for the FRITZ!Box's Wi-Fi guest access so that your guests can easily connect to the guest access with their smartphones or tablets.

If you do not continuously offer the FRITZ!Box's Wi-Fi guest access, you can quickly reactivate it at any time using FRITZ!App WLAN. The app also allows you to adjust the access information for the guest access before enabling it.

Requirements / Restrictions

  • In iOS, sharing access information using a QR code requires a FRITZ!Box with FRITZ!OS 7.10 or later.

Enabling and sharing guest access

  1. Start FRITZ!App WLAN.
  2. If you are using FRITZ!App WLAN in Android, tap the symbol and then "Share Wi-Fi"; if you are using iOS, tap "Wireless Guest Access".
  3. Enable the Wi-Fi guest access if it is not already enabled.
  4. Now FRITZ!App WLAN displays the QR code for the Wi-Fi guest access