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Finding the ideal location for repeater with FRITZ!App WLAN

Whether you want to use a FRITZ!Repeater, an additional FRITZ!Box, or a FRITZ!Powerline device with Wi-Fi support as a wireless repeater, the correct positioning of the repeater is a key factor when extending the Wi-Fi range of your home network. The quality of the connection between the repeater and your FRITZ!Box is just as important as the quality of the connection between the repeater and the wireless devices connected to it.

This means that when selecting a location for the repeater, you must find a location where the repeater can establish fast and stable connections to the FRITZ!Box, and at the same time be easily accessible to your wireless devices.

FRITZ!App WLAN checks the quality of the connection between the repeater and the FRITZ!Box and gives you tips on how to improve the position of your repeater.

Requirements / Restrictions

  • FRITZ!OS 7 or later is installed on the FRITZ!Box and the repeater.

1 Using FRITZ!App WLAN to check the connection quality

  1. Start FRITZ!App WLAN.
  2. Tap the "My Repeaters" button in FRITZ!App WLAN.
  3. Tap the button "Evaluate Repeater Position".
  4. Now FRITZ!App WLAN shows you the quality of the connection:

    Fig.: Checking the repeater's position with FRITZ!App WLAN

  5. If FRITZ!App WLAN recommends repositioning the repeater, position it elsewhere. When doing so, observe the tips given in this guide on finding the ideal position.
  6. After repositioning the repeater, in Android tap the symbol in FRITZ!App WLAN again or in iOS tap "Repeater not listed?" and then "Refresh" to re-evaluate the repeater's position.

2 Tips on finding the ideal location

  1. If possible, do not position the repeater directly behind or under an obstacle such as pieces of furniture or a heater.
  2. Do not position the repeater directly in the corner of a room.
  3. Position the repeater so that there are as few obstacles as possible between it, the FRITZ!Box, and other wireless devices. Especially metallic objects or objects containing water, for example radiators, refrigerators, or houseplants, significantly reduce the quality of the Wi-Fi signal.
  4. Position the repeater away from other radio transmitters, such as microwaves, wireless speakers, or Bluetooth devices.