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"0 Byte" shown for storage capacity of a USB hard drive

The storage capacity of a USB hard drive connected to the FRITZ!Box is displayed as "0 byte" under "Home Network > USB / Storage" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.

1 Partitions larger than 4 terabytes in size are not supported

The FRITZ!Box supports partitions of up to 4 terabytes. Normally you can still access partitions that are 4 terabytes or greater with the Windows Explorer or macOS Finder if the USB storage device is set up as a network drive on the computer. However, you cannot use the FRITZ!NAS user interface (http://fritz.nas) to copy files to partitions that are 4 terabytes or larger.


  1. Reformat the USB storage device and only create up to four partitions, each no larger than 4 terabytes and formatted with the file system NTFS, FAT/FAT32 or ext2/ext3.

    ATTENTION!Back up your data before reformatting your USB storage device because all of the data on it will be lost during this process. Refer to the manufacturer for information on the formatting procedure.