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Can the CAPTCHA (image puzzle) be deactivated on MyFRITZ!Net?

For security reasons, the Google service reCAPTCHA protects you when you log in to your MyFRITZ! account on reCAPTCHA usually requires you to solve image-based puzzles to ensure that it is not an unlawful automatic attempt made by computer software (so-called "bots") to gain access.

If you want to securely access your FRITZ!Box without having to solve a CAPTCHA, use our free MyFRITZ!App (on a smartphone or tablet) or use your FRITZ!Box's unique MyFRITZ! address to access it.

Instead, you can also protect the login to your MyFRITZ! account on under "Account Settings" > "Additional Protection" with additional confirmation using the Google Authenticator app or by fingerprint, for example. If additional confirmation is enabled, you can log in to without a CAPTCHA.