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Maximum cable lengths

The FRITZ!Box comes with various cables to connect it to your line, a computer, or hub, for example. If a cable is too short, you can extend or replace it. Since you can only extend cables to a certain limit, below you will find information on the maximum possible length for each type of cable.

1 Fiber optic cable

The length of the cable in the home does not matter since the attenuation of the cables is comparatively low. The SFP modules included with the FRITZ!Box have LC/APC sockets, the cable included with delivery has LC/APC plugs. If the fiber optic socket does not have an LC/APC socket, corresponding adapters or cables with different plugs on both ends are available.

2 Telephone cable

Normally, the cable between a telephony device and an analog extension on the FRITZ!Box may be up to 100 meters long, but this depends on the telephony device used.

3 Network cable

The network cable between the FRITZ!Box and a connected device may be up to 100 meters long.

Note:Any standard STP-type (Shielded Twisted Pair, 1:1) CAT-5e Ethernet cable can be used to connect a network device to the FRITZ!Box.