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WireGuard connection to the FRITZ!Box is unreliable

Although the WireGuard VPN connection to the FRITZ!Box is established, web pages or files in the remote network cannot be accessed reliably over the connection. Sometimes web pages must be refreshed multiple times before they load or files on devices in the remote home network do not open until the second or third attempt to access them.

Using an individual WireGuard connection for each device

When setting up a WireGuard connection, the FRITZ!Box generates its own key only for this connection. This key is used to identify the remote site and encrypt the data in the VPN tunnel. For this reason, each WireGuard connection may only be used by a single device.

If several devices use the same WireGuard connection at the same time, for example because the same QR code was scanned on several devices or the same settings file was imported on several devices, the FRITZ!Box cannot tell the different connections apart. As a result, responses often end up at the wrong remote site, which means that web pages are not displayed until they have been called up repeatedly.

Therefore, make sure that each of your devices uses an individually created WireGuard connection and delete connections that are used on multiple devices. You can find an overview of additional WireGuard connection options in our guide VPN with FRITZ!.