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Wi-Fi connection is only established with WPA2 instead of WPA3

A notebook, smartphone, or other wireless device only establishes Wi-Fi connections to the FRITZ!Box with WPA2 although "WPA2 + WPA3" was selected as the Wi-Fi encryption in the FRITZ!Box.

Simply proceed as described below. After each measure, check whether the problem is solved.

Note:All instructions on configuration and settings given in this guide refer to the latest FRITZ!OS for the FRITZ!Box.

1 Installing the latest software for the wireless device

  1. Install the latest software version for the wireless device (for example Android, iOS) or the latest driver for the computer's wireless network adapter (for example from the Intel Download Center).

    Note:Refer to the device's manufacturer for information on how to update, for example consult the manual.

2 Reconfiguring the Wi-Fi connection

After changing the encryption to "WPA2 + WPA3", some wireless devices do not connect to the FRITZ!Box with WPA3 until the Wi-Fi connection is reconfigured:

Important:Do not use WPS or a QR code to set up the Wi-Fi connection. When WPS or a QR code is used for setup, wireless devices usually use WPA2 and not WPA3 for the connection.


  1. Click (Start) and then (Settings) in the Windows task bar.
  2. Click "Network & Internet" in the "Settings" menu.
  3. Click "Wi-Fi" and then "Manage known networks".
  4. Click on the connection with the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) of the FRITZ!Box and then click "Forget".
  5. Reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection.

Apple macOS

  1. Open the "System Preferences" in the Apple menu.
  2. Click on "Network" in the "System Preferences" menu.
  3. Select the option "Wi-Fi" in the left-hand window.
  4. Click "Advanced".
  5. In the "Wi-Fi" menu, select the connection with the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) of the FRITZ!Box listed under "Preferred Networks" and click the minus sign.
  6. Confirm with "OK" and "Apply".
  7. Reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection.

Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

  1. Tap the "Settings" symbol on the home screen.
  2. Tap "Wi-Fi" in the "Settings" menu.
  3. Tap the "i" to the right of the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) of the FRITZ!Box.
  4. Tap "Forget This Network".
  5. Tap "Forget" to confirm that you want to delete the Wi-Fi connection.
  6. Reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection.

Android (for example Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy)

  1. Open the "Settings" on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Tap "Wi-Fi" in the "Settings".
  3. Tap the connection that displays the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) of the FRITZ!Box.
  4. Tap "Forget".
  5. Reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection.

Linux and other operating systems or devices (for example NAS systems, network printers)

  1. Reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection.

    Note:You can find information on the procedure in the corresponding manual, or consult the manufacturer of the operating system or wireless device.

3 Wireless device does not support WPA3

If the Wi-Fi connection is still only encrypted with WPA2, the wireless device does not support WPA3. Although WPA3 is supported by devices with Wi-Fi 6, it is not supported by many older wireless devices such as:

  1. Android mobile devices with Android older than version 10
  2. Apple iOS devices with Apple iOS older than version 13
  3. Apple Macs with macOS older than version 10.15 (Catalina)
  4. Windows computers with Windows 10 older than version 1903

Refer to the respective manufacturer for information on whether your wireless devices support WPA3.

Note:In Windows you can enter "netsh wlan show drivers" in the CMD command prompt to determine whether the computer's Wi-Fi network adapters supports WPA3.