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Using an iPhone or iPad in the FRITZ!Box home network

You can easily connect an iPhone or iPad to the Wi-Fi network of the FRITZ!Box by scanning the QR code "Wi-Fi access" on the type label of the FRITZ!Box with the Apple device's camera. Then the device can access the internet connection, FRITZ!NAS, and the FRITZ!Box media server, and use numerous other functions of the FRITZ!Box with our FRITZ!Apps.

1 Connecting the iPhone or iPad to the FRITZ!Box

  1. Open the camera app on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. Point the camera at the QR code for Wi-Fi access on the FRITZ!Box's type label. If you changed the FRITZ!Box's Wi-Fi settings, use the QR code under "Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Channel" ("Wireless > Radio Network") in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  3. Tap "Join [...] network".
  4. In the "Join Wi-Fi network [...]?" window, tap "Connect".
  5. Now the Wi-Fi connection is established. If the message "Unable to join the network [...]" is displayed, follow the steps in our guide Cannot connect to FRITZ!Box over Wi-Fi by scanning QR Code.

2 Using the FRITZ!Box with iPhone or iPad

Accessing files on FRITZ!NAS

If you want to access files on a USB storage device connected to the FRITZ!Box:

  1. Set up MyFRITZ!App or configure the Files app for accessing FRITZ!NAS:
    1. Start the file app.
    2. Tap in the file app and then "Connect to Server".
    3. Enter fritz.nas in the "Server" field.
    4. Tap on "Connect".
    5. Enter the name and password of a FRITZ!Box user who is authorized to access NAS contents.

      Note:You can edit the account information and access rights of users under "System > FRITZ!Box Users" in the user interface.

    6. Tap "Next" to complete the configuration.

Playing multimedia content from the FRITZ!Box media server

If you want to use the FRITZ!Box as a media server and want to play photos, videos, or music from the FRITZ!Box media server:

  1. Install VLC for Mobile or another app that can play files from UPnP AV media servers (Universal Plug and Play Audio/Video).

Making calls using the FRITZ!Box's landline rate

If you want to make calls using the landline rate and the telephone numbers configured in the FRITZ!Box:

  1. Set up FRITZ!App Fon.

Accessing the FRITZ!Box when you are away from home

If you want to securely access your FRITZ!Box over the internet when you are away from home:

  1. Set up MyFRITZ!App.

Setting up a VPN connection to the FRITZ!Box

If you want to establish a securely encrypted network connection (VPN, Virtual Private Network) to your FRITZ!Box and devices in the home network over the internet when you are away from home:

  1. Either use WireGuard or IPSec to configure the VPN connection to the FRITZ!Box.

    Note:You can find an overview of all the VPN connection options of the FRITZ!Box in our guide VPN with FRITZ!.