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Smart home device is not connected after a FRITZ!Box restart

After a restart of the FRITZ!Box, individual devices or all of your smart home devices, for example a FRITZ!DECT radiator control, FRITZ!DECT smart plug, FRITZ!DECT Repeater, are no longer displayed under "All connected or registered home network devices" in the Mesh or home network overview. The connection status "Not connected" is displayed for the respective devices in the "Smart Home" menu. The error occurs after installing a FRITZ!OS update, for example.

Waiting until the connection is automatically established

Smart home devices such as FRITZ!DECT radiator controls, FRITZ!DECT smart plugs, and FRITZ!DECT Repeaters operate according to the DECT ULE (Ultra Low Energy) standard. Devices that use this radio standard only communicate with the FRITZ!Box at longer intervals. When the FRITZ!Box is restarted, for example after a FRITZ!OS update, it can take up to 15 minutes for the connection to be automatically re-established. If you set your your radiator controls to "vacation switching", it can take up to 60 minutes for the connection to be established:

  1. Do not re-register the device with the FRITZ!Box, just wait until the connection is established automatically.