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Functions that can be used when using a DECT repeater

You can register any commercially available DECT repeater from another manufacturer to the FRITZ!Box to extend the range of the DECT radio network. For technical reasons, however, not all of the convenience functions offered by your FRITZ!Fon are then available.

Important:The following restrictions do not apply if you use a FRITZ!DECT Repeater to extend the DECT range. Then you can use all of the comfort functions with your FRITZ!Fon except for "DECT Eco".

1 Functions that can be used

  • Establishing and ending telephone calls
  • Using the telephone book
  • Reading RSS feeds
  • Reading email

2 Functions that cannot be used

If you are using a DECT repeater from another manufacturer, you must enable the option "Permit non-encrypted DECT connections" under "Telephony > DECT > Base Station" in the FRITZ!Box user interface. As soon as DECT encryption is disabled, the following convenience functions are no longer available, for example:

  • Calls in HD (HD Telephony)
  • Secure ("encrypted") calls
  • DECT Eco
  • Updating the telephone's software
  • Listening to internet radio
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Displaying caller and background images
  • Using your own MP3 ringtones
  • Playing music files from the FRITZ!Box Media Server