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Does FRITZ!Powerline support WPA3?

The FRITZ!Powerline device supports the Wi-Fi encryption standard WPA3 with the WPA3 transition mode "WPA2 + WPA3". This mode allows the FRITZ!Powerline device to establish simultaneous connections with WPA3 and WPA2 using the same Wi-Fi network name and the same network key. Since many devices do not support WPA3 yet and many older devices will not receive an update for WPA3, WPA3 transition mode simplifies the transition from WPA2 to WPA3.

In the case of WPA3 connections, it does not matter whether a wireless access point supports WPA3 or is used in WPA3 transition mode. WPA3 connections are equally secure in both cases.

With WPA2 connections, however, WPA3 transition mode has higher security requirements than usual for WPA2 (CCMP). For example, this means that WPA2 devices must use PMF (Protected Management Frames) when logging in, which was only optional for WPA2.

The WPA3 transition mode "WPA2 + WPA3" can be enabled in the user interface of the FRITZ!Powerline device under "Wi-Fi > Security".

Note:WPA3 transition mode is not supported by some older wireless devices, for example Apple iOS devices with iOS earlier than 12.1.1 and older wireless printers, for example. Refer to the respective manufacturer for information on the range of functions of your wireless devices.