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Connecting the FRITZ!Smart Gateway with the FRITZ!Box via Wi-Fi

Connect your FRITZ!Smart Gateway to your FRITZ!Box via Wi-Fi to add an access point for Zigbee devices to your home network quickly and easily.

Connection scenario for wireless bridge mode

Requirements / Restrictions

  • A FRITZ!Box with a DECT base station with FRITZ!OS 7.50 or later must be used.

1 Configuring FRITZ!Smart Gateway as a wireless bridge

  1. For setup, plug the FRITZ!Smart Gateway into a power outlet near the FRITZ!Box. Now the FRITZ!Smart Gateway starts. During this time, the status LED flashes quickly.
  2. Wait about 1 minute until the FRITZ!Smart Gateway has started and the Connect LED flashes slower.
  3. Briefly push the Connect button on the FRITZ!Smart Gateway (for about 1 second). When you release the button, the Connect LED starts to flash quickly.
  4. Within 2 minutes: Push and hold down the Connect button on the FRITZ!Box until the Connect LED lights up. Other LEDs may also light up:
    FRITZ!Box modelConnect buttonConnect LED
    FRITZ!Box 6690, 4060 Connect Connect
    FRITZ!Box 7690, 7590 (AX), 7530 (AX), 7520, 7510, 6890, 6850, 6670, 6660, 5590, 5530 Connect / WPS Connect / WPS
    FRITZ!Box 6591, 6590 Connect / WPS WLAN / DECT
    FRITZ!Box 7490 WLAN WPS WLAN / Info
    FRITZ!Box 7583 WPS WLAN / Info
  5. The process is complete as soon as the FRITZ!Box marks the FRITZ!Smart Gateway with the Mesh symbol in the Mesh Overview.