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FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 310
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Cannot switch Wi-Fi off by pushing a button

The FRITZ!Repeater's Wi-Fi network cannot be switched off by pushing a button. The "WPS" button can be used to set up Wi-Fi connections, integrate the FRITZ!Repeater into the Mesh, and switch the Wi-Fi network on, but not switch it off.

If you are using the FRITZ!Repeater together with a FRITZ!Box, the FRITZ!Repeater automatically adopts the FRITZ!Box's Wi-Fi schedule during setup.

You can set up an individual schedule in the FRITZ!Repeater if you want to switch off the FRITZ!Repeater's Wi-Fi network and the FRITZ!Box's Wi-Fi network at different times or you are using the FRITZ!Repeater with a router from another manufacturer.

You can also switch off the Wi-Fi manually under "Wireless > Radio Network" in the user interface of the FRITZ!Repeater.